Embody Your Potential

Authentic Change Starts with Wholehearted Desire.

Every year I take a select number of individuals through a revitalizing coaching process that helps to shift limiting beliefs and turn toward the life they want to live.

I love helping people empower themselves to find more freedom, wonder and joy. I have spent more than 15 years exploring avenues to deepen my own relationship with these qualities, exploring and studying a variety of practices of self awareness, transformation, and healing.

What I offer to you is what I had been seeking when I started my own journey:
An effective and efficient process to shed old stories, gain insight into your life and stand in the joyful depth of all you are.

Stand In Who You Are Coaching
will allow you to:

Recognize and Release
ingrained patterns that no longer serve you
who you are, separate from familial and societal conditioning
practices and pathways that support your new self growth and understanding
these new ways of being into your body and mind to create a sustainable shift to the brighter, richer life you are longing for

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“Michael moves mountains. Years in therapy had helped me gain clarity on the situation, but somehow I still couldn’t shift the embodied tension the trauma had left. In a short amount of time, Michael’s guidance and innate gift helped me to finally find closure and I can finally move on with my life. He has a true gift to guide, and I am forever grateful.”


“My sessions with Michael provided a missing perspective that helped widen my understanding of myself. I found his presence kind and nurturing, and the work incredibly helpful. I love how he is able to blend his intuitive capacities, somatic work and shamanic ancestral training to create a therapeutic setting where multiple angles and ways of knowing are being utilized.”


“This work introduced a whole new way of looking at myself and family relationships, and for the first time I can rest into myself and not blame my family but appreciate them more deeply. Working with Michael has been an important part of my personal evolution and I am forever grateful. Thank you Michael!”


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