Coaching and Guiding Parents and Caregivers:

Parenting and Caregiving: A Journey of Profound Connections and Challenges

Parenting is a journey filled with wonder and profound connections, but it can also be incredibly challenging. It pushes our limits and tugs at our hearts in unimaginable ways. Along with this emotional charge, parenthood often stirs feelings of inadequacy, self-judgment, and regret. We may question our abilities and fear falling short. Watching our children struggle can trigger anger, guilt, and sadness, especially when their challenges mirror our own childhood pains. This can lead to a cycle of triggers, reactions, and regrets, creating distance between us and our children.

If you or your children are struggling, you are not alone. We are facing a global epidemic of declining well-being, but you can be the difference-maker for your family. The pace of change today calls for parents to grow internally to maintain well-being for ourselves and our children. This growth involves understanding and managing our own patterns, desires, triggers, and fears so that we can show up as our best selves to help our children navigate the complex world they are inheriting.

I love working with parents and caregivers because my own inner work has profoundly enriched my parenting and my relationship with my son. Not only that, but I am watching him evolve with me.

My coaching work with parents and caregivers fosters deeper, more loving relationships with their children and helps families to thrive.I believe this work is some of the most important you can do, providing the foundation for a deeply connected and meaningful relationship with your children that extends into adulthood. This is the legacy you get to choose.

What could be more important than that?


This work is for you if you:

  • Feel discord in your relationship with your children, experiencing anxiety, fear, or stress within your home.
  • Struggle with feelings of inadequacy or failure as a parent, reacting negatively more often than you’d like.
  • Feel helpless watching your kids suffer and want to show up as your best self to make the most of your time with them.
  • Seek to lay the foundation for a lasting, beautiful adult relationship with your kids.
  • Know that you would like something in your family relationship to change.

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This isn’t just for parents—I have helped many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers alike.

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