Foundations of Mindfullness

Join us for a gathering of community and learning that can transform your practice and your life!

April 17-May 22nd
Saturdays 9-11:00am EST

A Six Week Course for Beginners and Advanced Practitioners
with Michael Danzansky

A mindfulness practice is an amazing resource to create space to pause, relieve stress and cultivate self-awareness.   

This course will cover theory and practice of mindfulness, blending ancient Buddhist and Yogic wisdom with strategies scientifically shown to produce to enhance wellbeing. 

In the Training you will learn:

  • The history and context for mindfulness
  • Science of the mind
  • How to create and cultivate your own practice
  • Working with obstacles
  • Ways to enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
  • Tools to manage anxiety, self judgement and negativity
  • Practices to cultivate gratitude, self-acceptance and compassion
  • Resources to support life balance and personal growth

COST: $150

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