About: My Journey

I call him Mr. Likeable, and he is a pattern I evolved to keep myself safe. Mr. Likeable is amenable, great at making people feel at ease, gets a lot of stuff done, and is of course, likeable. For many years, he was my primary way of interfacing with the world, and to his credit helped me to grow a lovely life. I had amazing friends, made a great living and grew a successful business. But Mr. Likeable also came with a cost because he kept me living more on the surface of life, and as I got older, I felt more and more haunted by a sense of unease, that there was something I was missing.

After years of not finding the guidance I was seeking, I realized I needed to make a dramatic shift if I was going to find answers, and I moved across the country to get a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Consciousness. From there I immersed myself in different spiritual and mindfulness practices, in depth yoga training and somatics. I engaged in new healing modalities, nature based soul work and studied indiginous wisdom and the unconscious influence of caregivers and ancestors. I discovered and healed wounds and trauma I didn’t even realize existed, and learned how to work with Mr. Likeable and my other patterns, and now walk a path with ever unfolding meaning, ease, awe and beauty.

What I bring to you is a culmination of the most effective and efficient tools that I have found along my 15+ years of study. I seek to provide that which I had been looking for when I started my journey: support, guidance and resources to move past habitual stories and to stand in the depths and wonder of who you really are.

Michael brings thoughtful facilitation, wise counsel, and gentle humor to every class. His teaching has helped me summon the courage to look inward and greet the shadow parts of myself. I am deeply grateful to Michael for the unique community of seekers and kindred spirits he brings together. In these wonderful spaces, I’ve felt my soul expand.

Sarah Edwards

My Experience Includes:

  • Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute
  • Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from The California Institute for Integral Studies
  • 450 hours of yoga teacher training
  • Family Constellation Therapy Training
  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor through The Mindfulness Training Institute
  • Over a decade of life coaching and teaching yoga and mindfulness 
  • Indigenous Wisdom and Ritual Training with Malidoma Some (2 year program)
  • 5 Years of Nature Based Soul Work Study with Animus Institute, Annie Bloom and Jade Sherer
  • Reike Level I and II Certification
  • Intensive study of Buddhism, mysticism and non-dual philosophy with Reverend Zoe Inman
  • Practical business experience as a Certified Financial Planner with over 25 years of guiding organizations and individuals through over $500 million in investments and strategic decisions on employee benefits, insurance and wellbeing

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Stay Connected for Inspiration and Offerings