About: My Journey

I see myself as a multifaceted professional. For over 30 years, I successfully played the role of entrepreneur and business professional, guiding over $500 million in resources as a Certified Financial Planner and Senior Consultant for employee benefits. I have served on six non-profit boards, including founding a nonprofit to help underprivileged children in the DC area. This practical, efficient, and bottom-line-oriented side of me embodies East Coast pragmatism.

On the other side, I am what you might call a seeker. My intense curiosity about the human experience led me in 2005 to move to San Francisco to pursue a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Consciousness. Over the last two decades, I have explored pathways to self-awareness, joy, and inner peace. My journey has taken me through advanced training in mindfulness, somatics, philosophy, psychology, life coaching, spiritual mysticism, and yoga, all of which have played crucial roles in my growth.

I share both sides of myself because I believe that the practical and the spiritual aspects both show up in my work. Whether your life leans more toward the “business practical” or the “inner work” side, I can relate.

Throughout my journey, I discovered that it took pieces from many different disciplines to help me understand, heal, and create the peace and transformative change I was seeking. This blend of tools has proven incredibly effective in coaching others to release, heal, and transform.

We live in an amazing time where almost everyone has virtually unlimited access to information. However, many people get stuck thinking that more information will lead to change. The truth is, if your brain could have figured out how to make the transformation you want, it would have by now. The most effective pathway to healing and growth lies not in what you know, but in the capacity to recognize and be with what you authentically feel. Free from the weight of old patterns, I believe anything is possible.

I am passionate about guiding you to release the baggage of old stories, embrace your authenticity, and experience the joy of being. Embarking on personal growth and self-awareness is the greatest investment you can ever make in yourself and your family, as it can positively change your life and influence generations.

Together, we will create a personalized roadmap that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations, helping you cultivate inner peace, confidence, and a deeper connection to yourself and others.

My Experience Includes:

  • Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute
  • Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from The California Institute for Integral Studies.
  • 500 hours of yoga teacher training.
  • Family Constellation Therapy Training.
  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor through The Mindfulness Training Institute.
  • 2-year Indigenous Wisdom and Ritual program with Malidoma Some
  • 5 years of Nature-Based Soul Work study with Animus Institute, Annie Bloom, and Jade Sherer
  • Reiki Level I and II Certification
  • Intensive studies of religion, mysticism, and non-dual philosophy with Reverend Zoe Inman.

Over a decade of experience in life coaching and teaching yoga and mindfulness.

Michael brings thoughtful facilitation, wise counsel, and gentle humor to every class. His teaching has helped me summon the courage to look inward and greet the shadow parts of myself. I am deeply grateful to Michael for the unique community of seekers and kindred spirits he brings together. In these wonderful spaces, I’ve felt my soul expand.

Sarah Edwards

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